czwartek, 16 maja 2013

I'm a runner (not a hugger)

I wish I were a nice and lovable hugger. But I don't do hugs. However, I do sarcasm, quite a lot to be honest. People say it's just a fancy name for rudeness, I say it's the best defense mechanism ever invented (plus it's witty and sexy). What I am is a runner. I run a lot, probably we all do, from our problems, difficult situations, people we don't like. Though I literally am a runner.

I started running about a month ago (that's when I took this picture) but quickly decided it wasn't for me. However, after a week or so I put my pride aside and here I am, a real and alive runner. I still hate running but I've also discovered it can be quite appealing. And there's nothing like the feeling of being totally exhausted, as if you had lost your legs and lungs on the way.

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